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Urgent Messages StarClass-2 Hasselt
  2.4 The Corona measures StarClass Hasselt have now been published on the page Hasselt of this website.  
  2.3 Due to the extra Corona maesures in Belgium it is necessary to fill in the special Covid Declaration form for the StarClass and Junior Challenge in Hasselt. The link can be found on the page Hasselt of this website and will also be send by mail including login data to the clubs and federations.  
  2.2 The StarClass OC in Hasselt is still looking for track stewards. If you are coming to Hasselt as a supporter and could do this job, please inform us about this by Email at:  
  2.1 From now on here the urgent messages from StarClass Hasselt will be published.  
  1.5. Sunday after the competition the safety padding has to be taken from the Ice. We request all teamleaders to ask their skaters to help us with this. The paddings from Tilburg has to be put outside the Icerink ready to load into the truck. The truck will arrive around 14.30 hr. We do hope that all people who are still available would help us with this because it is a very heavy job for a few people to do. PLEASE HELP US!  
. 1.4. Saturday the Ice rink can only be enterred through the tourniquets by using the barcode ticket what has been handed out at arrival. If you are a registerred person and don't have this barcode ticket you can ask at the ticket office at the entrance for a barcode ticket. Here also the yellow armband of friday can be exchanged for the saturday red-armband. Exchange of armband can also be done in the restaurant at the first floor. Not registerred persons have first to be registerred at the ticket box of the Ice rink before entering.  
  1.3. There will be a possibility for a Relay with national teams. Any country who wishes to enter a national team for the relays please collect and complete a form saturday morning before 10.30 hr. at the Competitors Stewards.  
  1.2. Bulletin-01 Registration at arrival for the StarClass Amsterdam has been published now on the website  
  1.1. Welcome at the Mobile Website with daily information and urgent messages of the StarClass series for the season 2021-2022. We advise you to make a link to this App on your mobile phone.